Center for Student Activities - "Your ticket to success!"

The Center for Student Activities (CSA) is located on the first floor of the building inside the Student Commons. The CSA will sponsor several activities throughout the semester along with providing resources for interested students to implement their own ideas for activities. Some activities which have been planned are tournaments, sporting events, intramural sports, bowling nights, and much more. Discount theme park, event, and movie ticket opportunities will also be available in the CSA office. Tickets available: Six Flags Magic Mountain, Knott's Berry Farm, Aquarium of the Pacific, and Universal Studios. Ticket prices are subject to change, check for updates. Prices are listed in the CSA office and on the Activity Boards around the campus.

Clubs and Organizations
The many different clubs at DeVry reflect the diverse interests of the student body and change from time to time. Clubs provide opportunities for developing leadership skills and for networking within the different professions. Guest speakers, company tours, and contests are some activities offered by various clubs. Students who have interests currently not represented by a club are encouraged to start new clubs by contacting the Student Services Coordinator in the Student Services office.

Good Standing: In order to be recognized by the CSA as a Club in good standing on campus, the Club must satisfy the following criteria:

(a) The Club must have a faculty or staff advisor;

(b) The Club must have a CSA-approved charter or bylaws;

(c) The Club must have a minimum of ten active members, including officers; and

(d) The roster of officers and members must be submitted to the Student Services Coordinator by Week 3 of each session, with changes to the roster submitted as needed.


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