Student Clubs, Activities, and Honor Societies

DeVry Pomona has a strong program of co-curricular (outside of the classroom) activities that offer students a chance to expand their educational experiences into one that reaches "beyond the classroom" setting. By combining theoretical lessons learned in the classroom with direct experiences from the co-curricular activities, students can enhance their sense of identity and gain the skills that will enable them to move in and deal with an increasingly complex world. Information about student clubs and organizations can be found in Student Central.

The Welcome BBQ, which is held around the second week of the Summer Session, is a great way to introduce yourself to existing clubs on campus. Existing clubs are involved with academics, sports, and social issues. If you would like to start a club or student organization, please see Student Services and we will gladly help you plan what is needed to start an organization on campus. Additionally, clubs are invited to submit a home page to DeVry Pomona Student Services for inclusion into the DeVry Pomona page.

Associated Student Body (A.S.B.)
The ASB at DeVry strongly promotes and encourages a "Get Involved" attitude throughout the entire campus. The ASB is an organization that represents the entire student population. The ASB consists of a cabinet of four officers as well an Executive Senator Representative (ESR), four Executive Senators (ES's), and a student representative from each class section, also known as senators. The ASB is on campus to assist in the development of student leaders and to promote an environment conducive to the advancement of academic, personal, and social growth.

Center for Student Activities (C.S.A.) (Not a Club)
The CSA provides various services for DeVry students, including but not limited to: selling discount tickets to local theme parks, movie theaters, and annual event's such as NASCAR and the L.A. County Fair. The lost and found is also located inside the C.S.A.

Veterans Club
The purpose of the Veterans Club is to keep retention of veteran students every semester who are in the process of earning their degree. After separation of service to this country sometimes veterans feel that they don't have a purpose anymore or are simply left out of the loop. In the Veterans Club they will have a purpose, commitment, a band of brotherhood/sisterhood, and comradery that no other club can relate to. The Veterans Club is all about building morale and confidence in our veteran students to help them accomplish their personal mission of graduating from DeVry University and sending veteran students out in the real world where they can utilize the standards and principles taught at DeVry University and military skills acquired during their service to our country. This will give a dual set of leadership, problem solving and critical thinking skills that employers will benefit from. The Veterans Club will also give back to the local community in providing community service such as; local food drives, serving at homeless shelters, or volunteer service at the Department of Veteran Affairs Hospital located in Loma Linda, CA.

Pomona Network Club
Mission Statement:  To enhance the learning experience through interaction with fellow students, industry guests, and hand-on time with modern networking and computer equipment.  We will have a Cisco focus and organize study groups to help students pass their courses and certification exams.

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (I.E.E.E.)
IEEE is the world's largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community through IEEE's highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.

Professionals In Human Resources Association (P.I.H.R.A.)
The Professionals In Human Resources Association (PIHRA) is dedicated to the continuous enhancement of human resources through networking, learning, and advocacy. The mission of the campus club is to provide networking with working human resources professionals, offering guest speakers to help students stay current with Human Resource trends and laws, and to offer students a community that helps enhance their future in the field of Human Resources.



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