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Sand, Scott  President Pomona Metro  4187  ssand@devry.edu
Caballero, Maria  Executive Assistant  4183  mcaballero@devry.edu
Barraza, Kristine  Business Manager  4078  kbarraza@devry.edu
Brown, Walter  Dean of Academic Affairs  4008  wbrown@devry.edu
Flores, Pat  OSC I Academics  4065  pflores@devry.edu
Mosby, Alexandra  Administrative Assistant  4066  amosby@devry.edu
Horton, Terri  Associate Dean - College of Business & Management  4201  thorton@@devry.edu
Lewis, James  Faculty Chair, College of Engineering & Information Sciences  4061  jlewis@devry.edu
Wynne, Henryetta  Program Dean - College of Health Sciences  4051  hwynne@devry.edu
Saouli, Moe  Associate Dean - College of Engineering & Information Sciences  4032  msaouli2@devry.edu
Savage, Akinniyi  Program Dean - College of Liberal Arts & Sciences & Sciences  4107  asavage@devry.edu
Villagomez, Richard  Faculty Chair, Academic Success Center  4061  rvillagomez@devry.edu
Attalla, Nabil  Assistant Professor  4207  nattalla@devry.edu
Chng, Shih  Professor  4111  schng@devry.edu
Currie, Richard  Professor  4028  rcurrie@devry.edu
Donini, Tom  Professor  4077  tdonini@devry.edu
Dvivedi, Nitin  Associate Professor  4027  ndvivedi@devry.edu
Frazier, Joel  Senior Professor  4024  jfrazier@devry.edu
Gentles, J.R.  Associate Professor  4067  jgentles@devry.edu
Kavianpour, Alireza  Senior Professor  4037  akavianpour@devry.edu
Layton, David  Professor  4035  dlayton@devry.edu
 Lewis, James  Associate Professor  4061  jlewis@devry.edu
Maynes, Randall  Assistant Professor  4049  rmaynes@devry.edu
Mohajeri, Hamid  Professor  4022  hmohajeri@devry.edu
Muqri, Mohammad  Professor  4058  mmuqri@devry.edu
Mustansir, Parveen  Senior Professor  4068  pmustansir@devry.edu
Phan, Cindy  Senior Professor  4113  cphan@devry.edu
Robinson, Spencer  Associate Professor  4055  srobinson4@devry.edu
Shinedling, Kenneth  Professor  4244  kshinedling@devry.edu
Scott, Dean  Senior Professor  4053  dscott@devry.edu
Shakib, Javad  Associate Professor  4050  jshakib@devry.edu
Villagomez, Richard  Associate Professor  4002  rvillagomez@devry.edu
Yee, Ed  Associate Professor  4030  eyee@devry.edu

Vacant Director of Admissions 4121
Qasem, Sam Associate Director of Admissions 4121 sqasem@devry.edu
Calvert, Robert Admissions Advisor 4121 rcalvert@devry.edu
Flores, Molina Debbie Admissions Advisor 4121 dflores1@devry.edu
Sagura, Maribel Operations Support Coordinator II 4122 msagura@devry.edu
Johnson, Kimberly Admission Advisor 4121 kjohnson22@devry.edu
Oe, Steven Admissions Advisor 4121 soe@devry.edu
Milecki, Darlene Graduate Advisor 4121 dmilecki@devry.edu
Ov, Scott Admissions Advisor 4121 sov@devry.edu
Torres, Rosangela Undergrad Admissions Advisor 4121 rtorres@devry.edu
Rivera, Christina Admission Advisor 4121 crivera3@devry.edu

Channel Recruitment
Melendez, Carol Director of Channel Recruitment 4159 cmelendez@devry.edu
Chan, Ken Manager of University Partnerships  4075  kchan@devry.edu
Covin, Cynthia Community College Rep 4265 ccovin@devry.edu
Encinas Werner, Krista Manager of Local Accounts (909)210-1713 kserner@devry.edu
Jones, Caranaravina High School Programs Rep (951) 217-7749 CJones4@devry.edu
Perez, Edgar High School Programs Rep (562) 639-2908 eperez@devry.edu


Career Services
Amos, Kristy Director of Career Services 4153 kamos@devry.edu
Gonzales, Mary Career Advisor 4152 MGonzales@devry.edu
Mangini, Dena Employer Liaison 4156 DMangini@devry.edu
Gonzalez, Xitlaly Career Advisor 4158 xgonzalez@devry.edu

Turner, David Facilities Manager 4033 dturner2@devry.edu
Marquez, Luis Facilities Specialist 4103 lmarquez@devry.edu
Nazarian, Shant Facilities Assistant II 4110 snazarian@devry.edu

Information Technology
Kadir, Mark Manager of Information Systems 4212 mkadir@devry.edu
Childers, David Technical Support Specialist II 4204 dchilders2@devry.edu
Franks, Louis Technical Support Specialist III 4299 lfranks@devry.edu
Gilbert, Annette Technical Support Specialists III 4262 agilbert@devry.edu
Lam, Mark Group Network Administrator - Home Office 4210 mlam@devry.edu
Peavy, Ron Group Application Supt Specialist - Home Office 4046 rpeavy@devry.edu
Help Desk Pomona Help Desk 4211 pomhelpdesk@devry.edu

Bird, Nicole Directory of Library Services 4227 nbird@devry.edu
Gaylor, Diane  Assistant University Librarian  4003  dgaylor@devry.edu

Taylor, Belinda Registrar 4011 btaylor@devry.edu
Donahey, Margie
Assistant Registrar 4213 mdonahey@devry.edu
Grady, Zakiya

Registrar Coordinator 4040 zgrady@devry.edu
Gutierrez, Maria OSC II 4012 mgutierrez@devry.edu
Lopez-Gutierrez, Anna
Registrar Coordinator 4010 alopez9@devry.edu
Nicart, Bernadette

OSC I 4282 bnicart@devry.edu

Student Central
Stacey Weinstein Dean of Student Central 4286 sweinstein@devry.edu
Montes, Herenia Student Finance Consultant 4034 hmontes2@devry.edu
Alameda, Alicia Student Finance Consultant I 4070 aalameda@devry.edu
Camacho, Natalie Student Success Coach II 404284 ncamacho@devry.edu
Estrada, Maria Student Finance Consultant I 4264 mestrada@devry.edu
Rodriguez-Moreno, Laura Operations Support Coordinator I 4242 lmoreno2@devry.edu
Marin, Gloria Student Finance Consultant I 4014 gmarin@devry.edu
Kiernan, Xiomare (Linda) Student Success Coach 4082 xkiernan@devry.edu
Dimas, Lili Student Success Coach I 4041 ldimas@devry.edu
Araya, Ricardo SFC I/SFR-Cal Grant/FWSC 4242 RAraya@devry.edu
 Ramos, Manuel  Student Support Advisor I  4272  Manuel.Ramos@devry.edu
Rodriguez, Marcella Operations Support Coordinator I 4206 mrodriguez@devry.edu
Moreno, Abel Student Services Coordinator 4281 amoreno2@devry.edu
Melgoza, Lorena Student Success Coach 4043 LMelgoza@devry.edu

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