Each Southern California campus has an active Career Services Office with a professional staff committed to assisting students, graduates and alumni identify employment opportunities. Career Services develops and sustains relationships with employers to promote recognition of the quality of DeVry University programs and students.

Students are encouraged to start their career search well in advance of graduation, so that they can gain the information and skills needed to develop and execute an effective job search. The staff works with students on resume preparation, interview techniques, and career planning.

As graduation approaches, students are advised of opportunities, including career-related events, job fairs, and interviews. In some cases, company representatives conduct interviews on campus.

After graduation, students not yet employed are expected to continue an active employment search while continuing to receive employment assistance from DeVry. Because employment opportunities depend on local business conditions, DeVry cannot guarantee jobs. However, the Career Services staff works aggressively to secure job leads and establish relationships with business and industry to provide DeVry graduates with the best possible opportunity for success.

The Career Services Pomona office can be found in Room 200 and reached at:

Telephone 800-882-7536
Fax 909-868-4166
Front Desk 909-868-4150

Office hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30am to 6:30pm and Fridays 8:30am to 5pm

Employers please contact Kara Yamashita at 909-868-4153 or myamashita@devry.edu to share your job postings for our graduates.

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