General Services

To effectively assist DeVry University students, a cooperative effort between Career Services Office and the student is essential. To meet this objective, the Career Services Office provides the following services and resource materials to current students, graduates and alumni.

Career Advisor(s) - Program advisors are responsible for assisting and advising students/graduates in all facets of the job search for successful career-related employment prior to or after graduation.

Class Presentations - These presentations provide numerous opportunities for students to learn more about their industry, resume writing, and the services the Career Services Office offers to students/graduates/alumni. Presentations are conducted in academic classes such as the Career Development class. The goal of these presentations is to relate valuable industry information to students prior to graduation.

Career Strategies Course - This course is designed to teach a self-marketing approach to job searching. This course is comprised of workshops, alumni and industry guest speakers, and lectures, with an emphasis in interviewing techniques, dressing for success, professional ethics, and a strong understanding of the job market. These classes enable a student to conduct a successful job search prior to graduation and in the future.

Mock Interviews - Mock interviews are offered to students to provide adequate preparation for successful interviewing. Mock interviews are conducted by Career Services staff and/or employers. The interviews are video taped for review and the student is subsequently provided with appropriate advising.

Employer Recruiting - The Career Services Offices provide students the opportunity to interview with employers both on and off campus.

Program Handbooks - Program handbooks outline strategies for a successful job search before graduation and in the future. These handbooks describe Career Services, the program industry, company research tips, the interview, job offers, what recruiters (employers) seek, how to dress for success, self-assessment and graduate responsibilities.

Resume Guideline Handbook - These handbooks incorporate sample resumes, cover letters, thank you letters, reference and salary lists to assist students in writing a professional resume.

Resource Material - Resources includes the use of telephones, private interviewing rooms, typewriters, fax machines, resume mailing service, job listings, and employer/company profiles.

Alumni Newsletter - Published by the Career Services Office, this is designed to inform our alumni about activities/events sponsored or hosted by DeVry Southern California. It promotes the importance of involvement with DeVry University, even as graduates, and encourages alumni to keep in touch with their fellow classmates.

Alumni Assistance - The Career Services Office provides employment assistance to alumni that are not employed in an educationally related position. Career advising and a Career Assistance handbook are available to alumni. Upon graduation, all DeVry University graduates become members of the DeVry Alumni Association.


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