Computer and Network Account Usage Policy

Computers and network systems offer powerful tools for communication among members of the DeVry community and of communities outside of DeVry. When used appropriately, these tools can enhance dialog, education, and communications. Unlawful or inappropriate use of these tools, however, can infringe on the rights of others. DeVry expects all members of its community to use electronic communications in a responsible manner. The use of available network services, including applications software and Internet access is for educational purposes in support of curriculum requirements.

DeVry does not condone censorship, nor endorses the inspection of electronic files other than on an exceptional basis (i.e., if required to ensure the integrity, security, or effective operations of the network); however, DeVry does reserve the right to place restrictions on the use of its computers and network systems. Restrictions may be in response to complaints presenting evidence of violation of DeVry policies or codes, or state or federal laws. Once evidence is established, DeVry authorities responsible for overseeing these policies and codes will be consulted on the appropriateness of specific restrictions. Restrictions could include the removal of material posted on a computer and/or limiting access to the DeVry network.

DeVry Network Accounts
Getting and keeping a DeVry Network Account is based upon your acceptance of and continuing compliance with the following conditions regarding use of the network. Users have a responsibility to be familiar with these conditions. Violation of these provisions is grounds for revocation of your account and/or disciplinary action, as outlined in the Student Handbook.

You agree to NOT use your account for commercial venture or for personal profit. You understand that you may be required to forfeit any gain you accrue in violation of this rule to the University at its discretion.

So that others may not use your account, you agree to keep your password confidential and to use only your account for your own work. You agree to report the use of your account by others to DeVry faculty or management.

You understand the ethical and legal use of software, recognize that unauthorized use or copying of software is illegal, and agree to refrain from any illegal and unethical actions involving software as a DeVry user.

You agree to responsible printer use and the resultant volume of output to reasonable quantities. If several copies of a document are required, do reproductions on a copier.

You agree to not intentionally hinder other users' abilities to do work on this or any other networks you access from this account.

You understand and agree to abide by the computing policies and rules of the computing resources of DeVry University and abide by the computing policies of any facilities you access from DeVry.

You understand and consent that for purposes of preserving the integrity or operation of the network, or for the purposes of academic integrity or investigation of any violation of law or rule of DeVry, DeVry may review or copy any of you data files that exist on the network.

You understand that while DeVry makes every attempt to preserve the integrity of your data and files stored on the system, if a conflict arises between keeping the system operational and maintaining the integrity of your data, maintaining system operations will take precedence.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless DeVry University, its employees, and agents, from any claim, demand, liability, cause of action, or suit for damages arising out of your use of DeVry's network, including but not limited to any loss of your data stored on the network.

You understand and agree that each time you access the DeVry network, you are bound by the terms of this agreement along with any changes or additions to this agreement as well as the terms of all DeVry policies that are in effect at the time you access the system. Acceptable uses of the campus computers include the following:

  • Class assignments
  • Academic research
  • Personal computing to gain computer literacy
  • Stiff use associated with a demonstrative or instructional support
Unacceptable uses of the campus computers include the following:
  • Misrepresenting your identity or affiliation in e-mail communications
  • Displaying material that may be offensive to others
  • Sending harassing, intimidating, abusive, or offensive material to or about others
  • Intercepting, disrupting, or altering electronic communications packets
  • Using someone else's identity and password
  • Causing congestion on the network by such things as the propagation of inappropriate messages to lists or individuals
  • Producing and/or distributing chain letters
  • Engaging in commercial advertising
  • Transferring pirated software or documents
  • Playing games or other non-academic pursuits (i.e., IRC chat) at DeVry computer workstations unless instructed to do so or if part of a pre-approved club activity
  • Participating in any malicious attempt to harm or destroy data of another use on DeVry's networks, the Internet, or any of the agencies that are connected to the Internet. This includes, but is not limited to, the uploading or creation of computer viruses.
Policy Violations
Violations of this policy may involve, but are not limited to, the following use of electronic communication:
  • To harass, threaten or otherwise cause harm to a specific individual(s), whether direct or indirect reference
  • To impede, interfere with, impair, or otherwise cause damage to the activities of others
  • To download or post to DeVry computers, or transport across DeVry networks, material that is illegal, proprietary, in violation of DeVry contractual agreements, or is otherwise damaging to the institution
  • To harass or threaten classes of individuals
  • Workstation display of graphic or text that may be considered offensive to others

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