Standards of Academic Progress

Academic standing is based on the GPA and the number of courses completed each semester. The most common categories are Good Standing, Withdrawal, Probation, and Dismissal.

Good Standing
Good academic standing means that the CGPA is at least 2.00 and the student is completing courses quickly enough to graduate in the maximum time allowed for the major. This maximum time is 150% of the program length. For full-time students this is 7 terms for Electronic and Computer Technology, 12 terms for Accounting, Business Information Systems, and Telecommunications Management, and 13 terms for Computer Information Systems, Electronics Engineering Technology, and Computer and Engineering Technology.

If a student withdraws from all courses by Friday of Week 11, all grades will be Ws, and the standing will be Withdrawal. An official withdrawal procedure must be followed. Withdrawals from individual courses do not result in a Withdrawal standing. They do require a formal procedure that must be completed by Friday of Week 11. See your Academic Advisor.

Probation is a warning to students that they have one semester to resolve their academic problems. Failed courses should be repeated immediately to raise the GPA. Common probation situations are:

  • A CGPA below 2.00 in any one term.
  • Two consecutive withdrawals from school.
  • Two consecutive terms with a TGPA below 2.00.
  • One term with a TGPA below 2.00 and a withdrawal from school in the next term.
  • A withdrawal from school and a TGPA below 2.00 in the next term.
Students who have been dismissed once must appeal for permission to return to school. Students who have been dismissed twice must also appeal, but such appeals are not granted except in unusual circumstances. These are common situations that result in Dismissal:
  • CGPA below 2.00 in two consecutive terms. (After the first term below 2.00 will be Probation.)
  • A TGPA below 1.00 in the first term of enrollment at DeVry.
  • A grade of W or F in any developmental course or lab (ENGL-030/034 or MATH-090).
  • Withdrawing from school while on Probation.
  • Not earning passing grades at a rate that will ensure graduation by 150% of the program length.
For class standing information, see your academic advisor.


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