Special Registration Process

If you are a...

  • New Student
  • Resuming Student
  • Interrupted Student
  • Non-Matriculating Student
  • First term student enrolled in developmental classes (MATH092 & ENGL032)

Please contact the Admissions department at 909-868-4121, or Toll-free 800- 533-3879.

New Students - Applying to DeVry is easy - in fact, you can get started right now! You'll just need to complete an application for admission, which is available online, and interview with a DeVry admissions representative.    

Resume Student Registration - Students who did not complete the prior term or who interrupted less than a year ago and want to resume need to start at Student Central. Students that have interrupted for a year or more need to contact the Admissions department at 909-868-4121, or Toll-free 800-533-3879.

Students Enrolled in MATH092 and/or ENGL032 Registration - You must contact your Student Success Coach to register. It is DeVry's policy that MATH092 and ENGL032 must be passed with a "C" or better before you can receive a schedule.

Student Changing Programs Registration - To change programs, you must register after the grades are posted from the previous term. The process begins with your Student Success Coach.


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