Academic Policies & Procedures

Taking Courses More Than Once
Students are generally permitted to enroll only twice in a course or lab. If a grade of A, B, C, or D is not earned in the second enrollment, the student must appeal for special permission to enroll in the course or lab for a third time. If the appeal is granted but a passing grade is not earned in the third enrollment, an appeal to enroll for a fourth time is usually not granted, and the student must take the course at another college.

Taking Courses at Another College
Courses from regionally accredited colleges may be transferred to DeVry if they correspond to courses required in the major at the time of enrollment in a program at DeVry University and if the grades are C or better. If you have already taken such courses, ask the college to send an official transcript to the Registrar's office at DeVry to have it evaluated before you register.

Developmental Courses
The developmental courses are ENGL-034 and MATH-090. If you are required to take either or both of these courses, you must take them in your first semester at DeVry. You cannot withdraw from a developmental course unless you withdraw from school. You must earn a C or better in all developmental courses or you will be dismissed.

Academic Appeals
Students who wish to take courses or labs for a third time or who have been dismissed must complete a standard appeal form before registering. The appeal must describe the specific things that the student has done to solve his or her problems and ensure success. Further information on academic policies is available from an academic administrator or in the catalog in the section "Academic Information."

College Transfer Credit
A preliminary evaluation of transfer credit can be done using unofficial transcripts. However, you will not actually get credit for transferred courses until the DeVry Registrar's office receives an official copy of your transcript. An official transcript is one sent directly from the college to the Registrar or delivered to the Registrar in a sealed envelope. It must include the school seal and an authorized signature. Please see your Academic Advisor to verify that your official transcript has been received and your transfer credit has been officially posted.

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